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  • Different surface finish to the cylinder for intake low engines and supercharged.
  • Processing of aluminum blocks - the exchange for so-called “Wet sleeve”  Darton's (Honda, Subaru, Corvette).
  • Honing blocks and cylinders with plate imitating cylinder head.
  • Additional holes for cooling the piston crown.
  • Transfer of thrust bearings from the old to the new type, and vice versa (Subaru).
  • Cutting the O-ring seal ducts in the head or in the block for the further seal tightly supercharged engines.


  • Electronic static and dynamic crankshaft balancing for in-line  and V crankshafts engines from 3 to 300 kg
  • Balancing motorcycle shafts (Harley specialization).
  • Balancing and processing flywheels.
  • Balancing connecting rod assemblies and components, depending on the distance between the small end of connecting rod and big end of connecting rod


  • Computer cylinder head flow testing on SuperFlow machine
  • Grinding valves at two angles.
  • Profiling intake and exhaust head channels.
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Roundness of the seat (depending on the hardness) 0.00 - 0.010 mm
  • Roundness of the valve 0.00 - 0.005 mm