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Krasnobrodzka Racing has established cooperation with a company producing Al-Si sleeves. We can order an Al-Si sleeves for every dimension. Below the block after inserting a new sleeve. It is difficult to recognize which cylinder is being processed.


Mercedes V8

Valuation of the sleeves with their insertion, processing and completion date is carried out individually. For this purpose, please contact us by phone or email.


With advanced technology and equipment supplied by the American company SUNNEN we are able to regenerate seized cylinders made of ALUSIL.

Alusil sleeves are mainly used in motors, Porsche, BMW, VW, Audi.

The process of regeneration of damaged cylinders is very complicated. The hardest part is to "pull out" crystals of silicon to the top of the sleeve. Thanks to unique technology and machine, Sunnen Sv-10, we restore the factory parameters of the cylinder.

We regenerate each block, in which ALUSIL sleeve technology was used. We have Alusil sleeves in stock, so we can really shorten the time of service.


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